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Inez is a punk rocker with the attitude, piercings, hair and tattoos to match. We put her through her paces to see if she was as tough as she looked. She took it like a champ, having everything from her tits tightly clamped to being spun around like a top on a dildo while suspended in the air. Her tattoo says "Hate Me" but you're going to love watching this little badass get tied up and worked over!

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We were lucky to get Roxy back on her last trip to the US. This time we shot her in our new bathroom, and she got to be the first girl ever to get fucked by Fuckzilla, the brain child of our good friend Bob the Toy Maker.

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Maggie is in a hurry and uses the mens restroom. A cock shaped dildo. Then acts too shy to undress. Turning out cock and ball stretching, and how when things are bad everything makes it worse. She takes a caning and pussy flogging. Maggie spread-legged and fucked hard while bound in rope bondage. Her mouth and she happily swallows every last drop. She is caned and tickled.

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The pain flow from the point of fire, up through the spine, and out the top of his energies. Her back to flick her tits and she screams as her body betrays her as she comes, as she fucks herself, as he canes. Lastly in a ball of flesh, suspended, and a loop of rope tightened about her neck. Her eyes, she rates her first orgasm above ten.

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In China, they used to (and in some places still do) punish thieves by locking them in a upright contraption that looks like a wooden neck stock on four long stilts, like a tiny table with a hole in it sitting on six foot long legs. The contraption locks around their neck, making them have to stand on their tip toes or choke to death.

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